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September 2022


In September 2022, there were eight incidents of explosive weapon use recorded in Tajikistan, seven of which resulted in 54 civilian casualties, of whom 25 were killed and 29 injured. At least three women and seven children were reportedly among the civilian casualties. Civilians accounted for 82% of the total 66 casualties, as there were also 12 recorded armed-actor casualties, three of whom were killed and nine injured. 

The majority of civilian casualties, 91% (49), occurred in populated areas. Specifically, 59% (32) occurred in places of worship, 17% (9) in schools, 9% (5) in hospitals, 4% (2) in urban residential areas, and 2% (1) in villages.

The regions in which civilian casualties were reported in Tajikistan were Sughd (51) and Lakhsh (3).

All civilian casualties were reportedly caused by state actors' use of explosive weapons, specifically Kyrgyzstan.

The majority of civilian casualties, 70% (38), were caused by air-launched weapons, specifically air strikes. Ground-launched explosive weapons caused 30% (16) of civilian casualties, specifically mortar shelling (8), non-specific shelling (5), and rocket shelling (3). 

The highest casualty incident occurred on 16 September 2022, when 12 civilians were killed and 20 injured, including one child, in a Kyrgyz drone strike on a mosque in Ovchi-Kalacha, Sughd. 

There were no incidents of explosive weapon use recorded in Tajikistan in August and July 2022. 

Sources: EurasiaNet, AzerNews


January 2022


In January 2022, there was one incident of explosive weapon use recorded in Tajikistan which resulted in 13 civilian casualties, two of whom were killed and 11 injured, and six armed-actor casualties, all of whom were injured. Civilian casualties included two men.

On 27 January, two people were killed (including an ambulance driver) and 17 wounded, including 11 civilians and 6 armed-actors, by a mortar fired into a village by Kyrgyz armed forces.

Sources: Al Jazeera, AFP, TASS