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September 2021


In September 2021, across three incidents, Burundi suffered a total of 80 casualties from explosive weapon use, all of whom were civilians. Eleven people were killed and 69 injured in three separate attacks, all involving the use of grenades. On 20 September, at least five people were killed and 50 injured in twin-grenade attacks on a bus station and market in Bujumbura, Burundi. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack. This incident was the third grenade attack in the country in September. The day before, on Sunday 19 September, two civilians were killed and 15 injured in Burundi’s capital city, Gitega, when a grenade was thrown into a bar where politicians were gathered. 

The only other recorded incident of explosive weapon use in Burundi in 2021 took place in May, when two civilians were killed by a grenade attack at a bus station, again in Bujumbura. 

Sources: Reuters, Al Jazeera, Xinhua Net


May 2021

In Burundi there were two casualties from one incident of explosive weapon use in May 2021, when two civilians were killed and others reportedly injured in a grenade blast in the country’s commercial capital, Bujumbura, western Burundi. Source: Xinhua Net